Testimonials (originals available)



Your features catch eyes and is one of my best reads in the past few years.  Really admire your work!    (JK, PR Macao Tourism)


I wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful piece! It was lovely to read all about our trip, a nice reminder of our time on board! [KM, Princess Cruises PR]


You could singlehandedly PR Singapore at this rate!  Thanks very much for this.  [SH & SW, Hume Whitehead PR]


Thanks a million Gilly - you're the most prolific freelancer I've met! [JH, Consultant, WMC Dubai]


I received a copy of your feature today.  Very many thanks – it is packed with  information for our visitors and beautifully illustrated.  [Economic Dev Dept, Isle of Man]. 

Many thanks for another great article.   It is really impressive the amount of articles you have produced from just one press trip.  [FD, Press Attache, Tunisian NTO]


I have just seen the fantastic cruise coverage in the Chat Special – thank you so much for this, the feature looks fantastic! [AR, Rooster PR]


This is  wonderful! It captures the heart of an amazing destination and brings the colour, animals and and terrain so vividly to life. Amazing stuff and I so enjoyed reading it. Reading this makes you want to hop on the first available plane and head out to Africa. [GS, Travel Editor, My Weekly]


Thank you so much for the great mention. It is a lovely article with beautiful photography.  [KD, TTM world]


This is a fantastic feature!!!   I absolutely love it and want to thank you for all your support and for writing such great things about our hotel and the destination. I hope to welcome you to Miami again soon! [VM, Director of International Sales, Loews Miami Beach Hotel.] 


Gilly, you're an angel. Thank you so much for a really lovely piece and for getting it to us early.  [AC, editor Real Holidays]


Many thanks! You have captured the true beauty of the islands and the hotel in your
[AK, General Manager, Hilton Seychelles]


Thanks so much for this Gilly - great stuff and well ahead of deadline as usual! [SC, Yours magazine]


Gilly - you are such a star to us!! Thanks so much for all your work in producing lovely features. [BA, McCluskey PR]
Congratulations on the excellent article [JM, Guernsey Tourist Board]


Couldn't wait to see the feature so dashed out and bought a copy. It's terrific! Thanks so much for including us and getting the photos and the case study in. This should get the phones ringing - we really appreciate the coverage. [JN, Earthwatch.org]


Thanks for your copy. I really enjoyed reading it - your enthusiastic style makes me want to go there! [JG, Editor, Sunday Post magazine]


 I've got back to the office to be greeted by another of your excellent pieces, another real cracker. [DF, Rooster PR]


Thank you so much for submitting your article so efficiently and for the beautiful photos. [SE, Escape magazine]


Thank you very much for your wonderful article about Vienna and our hotel.  We appreciate it very much. [RH, Managing Director, Hotel Sacher.]


Gilly you just keep bringing them out, and can I just say fab article! Again thanks so much for all your support; you don’t know how much we appreciate it. [AMH, PR Manager, Kuoni]


Gilly - this is brilliant - you always produce so well and so quickly!
 [CP, PR Carnival Cruise Lines]


Thank you so much for your feature ‘Venice- The Bewitching City’.  This is bewitching indeed, beautifully written, atmospheric and utterly magical  [VK, Travel Editor, People’s Friend)


It is a great piece and I am delighted to say has already generated interest. Do let me know when you can come and stay.  [AL, owner, Four Seasons Hotel, Perthshire]


Congratulations on a great article - the content is informative and the main image superb.  I am sure it will have made  a fair few readers think about booking a cruise! [FK, Marketing Manager, Ideal Cruising.]


Gilly, your article is great. So nice to read something that I don't need to edit!!

[DC, editor, Skylife magazine]


 Thank you for mentioning us in your lovely feature.  We have already got some bookings from the article.  [AW, Regent Holidays.]


The feature is wonderful! Thank you very much for your perfect research!

[RN, ART Redaktionsteam, Austria]


Thank you so much. It's fantastic how much coverage you have achieved. [PW, Resort Marketing International].


Gilly what can I say, you truly are a legend! Thank you so much for another
unexpected piece and again a fab one. [JP, PR, Kuoni]


The Lincoln hotel coverage has been amazing - we are delighted and so  is the hotel - so we are very keen to work with you again and will  help in any way possible. [ET, Brazen PR]

Such a great review, very many thanks.  [PE, MacDonald Hotels PR]